Six days into the new year and I'm already feeling extremely inspired and excited for what I have planned for the year. 2013 was an extremely rough year for me and I can honestly say that 2014 was a great year. One of the best I've ever had. Everything just panned out smoothly and answered all the questions I was asking about my life in 2013, mostly "why now?" and "why me?". 
In 2014, around this time I finally launched my online boutique that I have been dying to open since the start of this blog back in 2009. With much trail and error I can say that Three Pyramids Vintage is something that I hold near and dear to my heart because it is just ONE of my dreams/goals that I have finally made come true, successfully. I cant wait to put all of my ideas together and finally get it to where I want it to be. I am proud to say that this is just one of the things that I can cross off of my list and continue on to doing more.

I have the bad habit of starting things and not finishing them. I guess that happens when you have so many great ideas and can't just stick to one. This year I plan on finishing everything I started. All the blogs, clothing lines, etc. That is one of my main goals for this year. Finishing what I started. 

This year I WILL travel. I want to see New Orleans, experience Mardi Gras. Visit Atlanta, see what all the hype is about. Go to Florida for Spring Break; finally be a college student spring breaker. 

This year I WILL continue to keep all negativity away from me and keep my grades up. Last semester I made a 3.6, this semester I won't accept anything less than a 4.0.

This year I WILL have my first apartment. 

This year I WILL make connections and continue to build. Myself, and my brand(s).

This year I WILL not struggle in anyway. 

This year WILL be amazing.


  1. babe! long time no talk, but you can stay with me in atl or new orleans <3 hope life is fab

  2. You look lovely! Such good replicas! x